Meetings No 19
Artificial Intelligence
Atti Soenarso: AI is soon an everyday commodity.
Cover Story
Anders Sörman-Nilsson
Gazing into the future of the meetings industry.
Europe is not a market
It is the will to live together.
Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre
“Our vision is to create Europe’s most attractive venue.”
Padraic Gilligan
Why ROI for meetings and incentives is a waste of time.
Elling Hamso
Why ROI is not a waste of time.
ICC Sydney
An important contributor to innovation.
Radar on penetrating the ­European meetings industry.
HR Technology
The Rise of AI
Rohit Talwar and Alexandra Whittington: On AI and HR.
Sustainable Growth
Scandinavian sustainability initiative expands.
In a Hole
Lending a hand.
Record number of association meetings in 2016.
Best Cities Global Forum
“Unlocking the collective intelligence.”
My 23 Best Tactics for Personal Greatness
Robin Sharma: “Protect your willpower.”
Technology and Meetings
Tech is key in creating purposeful meetings.
IMEX Frankfurt
Packed with opportunities.
Cyber Security
The Anti-Cloud
Jaak Geens and Linas Bukauskas on
Cyber vs. Personal
Roger Kellerman: “Now is the time to improve online security.”
MCI middle East and Zahara Tours
join forces to bring association events to Oman.
business intelligence
ibtm world pre-matched appointments
reach new high ahead of 30th anniversary edition.
Meeting Industry
Convene Hosted Buyer Programme
Reaches All-Time High.
Award winner
Gothenburg ranks number one
among sustainable and innovative cities.
association meetings
Inaugural Winners
of Incredible Impacts Grants Announced.

Nigeria, Senegal and Cape Verde
dominate the West African hotel pipeline with 77% of the total planned hotel rooms.
business Intelligence
Business events
must adopt Olympic standard when it comes to safety.
hotel news
Dubai’s first all-inclusive resort
sees big rise in demand.
maximum meeting place
Paris Convention Centre:
the largest conference centre in Europe.
Business Intelligence
Digital focus gives 13% uplift
for Denmark on German MICE market.
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Vision to Create Europe’s Most Attractive Venue

Today the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre presents the third phase of its expansion plans up until 2030. The planned expansion includes larger entrances, flexible meeting and event facilities and increased hotel capacity. In this third phase, focus will be placed on building a larger main entrance with a terrace and a hotel and office complex beside Korsvägen, a central hub in the events district of Gothenburg. The plans are ready and construction of the new entrances will start in 2017.

“In the past two years we have achieved organic growth of 35 percent and increased our number of visits by 30 percent,” said Carin Kindbom, President and CEO of the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, of which Gothia Towers is a part. “We need to speed up our expansion to maximise our potential to grow internationally and attract more visitors to Gothenburg. Our vision is to create Europe’s most attractive venue by offering the best overall experience.”

Because of the market’s demands and the opening of Västlänken station next to Korsvägen, they are prioritising the construction of new, larger entrances. Construction will start in 2017.

“Upgrading our entrances will enable us to increase our visitor capacity, so that we can carry out a greater number and variety of events simultaneously. The enlarged main entrance onto Korsvägen will give us the space necessary to receive larger groups of visitors. The final phase of our expansion is now in place, including larger entrances, flexible meeting and event facilities and increased hotel capacity. We have now clarified our goals and plans up until 2030,” said Kindbom.

The new hotel and office building next to Korsvägen, a central hub in the events district of Gothenburg, is expected to have over 30 storeys.

“This will give us capacity for about 350 additional hotel rooms and more office and meeting rooms. The plans also include building another hotel and office building beside Mölndalsån at a later stage. We aim to achieve a total hotel capacity of roughly 2,000 rooms by 2030.”

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is a financially independent foundation with no owners or investors. All investment and funding is done on the Foundation’s merits and all the surplus is reinvested in the business.

“The Foundation’s mission is to promote industry in West Sweden, and as these investments are gradually implemented, we will see increasingly strong spin-off effects on local tourism. This will benefit the whole city and local region,” said Roger Holtback, the Foundation’s Chairman of the Board.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre’s plans were presented in a manifesto in 2015. The investment plan up until 2030 is estimated to cost SEK 4–5 billion.

“Gothenburg is an exciting and fast-growing city, and this growth trend will continue for many years given the historic construction boom that is just beginning. With our expansion plans, we aim to contribute to Gothenburg’s development as an internationally attractive destination. Our ambitious plans testify to our strong belief in the future. However, they may need adjusting along the way, depending on how the situation develops,” said Holtback.