Meetings No 19
Artificial Intelligence
Atti Soenarso: AI is soon an everyday commodity.
Cover Story
Anders Sörman-Nilsson
Gazing into the future of the meetings industry.
Europe is not a market
It is the will to live together.
Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre
“Our vision is to create Europe’s most attractive venue.”
Padraic Gilligan
Why ROI for meetings and incentives is a waste of time.
Elling Hamso
Why ROI is not a waste of time.
ICC Sydney
An important contributor to innovation.
Radar on penetrating the ­European meetings industry.
HR Technology
The Rise of AI
Rohit Talwar and Alexandra Whittington: On AI and HR.
Sustainable Growth
Scandinavian sustainability initiative expands.
In a Hole
Lending a hand.
Record number of association meetings in 2016.
Best Cities Global Forum
“Unlocking the collective intelligence.”
My 23 Best Tactics for Personal Greatness
Robin Sharma: “Protect your willpower.”
Technology and Meetings
Tech is key in creating purposeful meetings.
IMEX Frankfurt
Packed with opportunities.
Cyber Security
The Anti-Cloud
Jaak Geens and Linas Bukauskas on
Cyber vs. Personal
Roger Kellerman: “Now is the time to improve online security.”
MCI middle East and Zahara Tours
join forces to bring association events to Oman.
business intelligence
ibtm world pre-matched appointments
reach new high ahead of 30th anniversary edition.
Meeting Industry
Convene Hosted Buyer Programme
Reaches All-Time High.
Award winner
Gothenburg ranks number one
among sustainable and innovative cities.
association meetings
Inaugural Winners
of Incredible Impacts Grants Announced.

Nigeria, Senegal and Cape Verde
dominate the West African hotel pipeline with 77% of the total planned hotel rooms.
business Intelligence
Business events
must adopt Olympic standard when it comes to safety.
hotel news
Dubai’s first all-inclusive resort
sees big rise in demand.
maximum meeting place
Paris Convention Centre:
the largest conference centre in Europe.
Business Intelligence
Digital focus gives 13% uplift
for Denmark on German MICE market.
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My 23 Best Tactics for Personal Greatness

It is a spectacular spring morning in New York City as I write this for you. Now I’m hidden in my hotel room with everything on “do not disturb” so I can get this message right for you. And bring on my best.

I’ve deconstructed 23 powerful tactics to promote your personal greatness. To feed your inner hero. To fuel the history-maker within.

With great love plus respect, I encourage you to make the time right now to read each of the ideas with a thoughtful mindset – and an open heartset.

We’re all busy but I really do trust you’ll find what follows enormously valuable. And as you know so well from our work together: the performer who learns to most wins.

  1. Don’t check emails or your social feeds first thing in the morning. Exploit your most pristine hours for your most valuable projects. That’s what the Titans do.
  2. Create your “victory move.” This is a physical pose you do at certain time of the day to kickstart your mental concentration and unleash your physical energy. Doing so often is a strong ritual supported by some very good science.
  3. Forgive anyone you haven’t forgiven. It’s a gift you’ll give to yourself. (Hard to climb a mountain carrying someone on your back.)
  4. Remember that the bigger you dream, the more important your team. You can’t get to world-class with a low-performing support.
  5. Read Peak by Anders Ericsson.
  6. Get out into nature at least once a day. Tremendous benefits for your mindset, heartset, healthset plus soulset.
  7. Stop being so hard on yourself. You’re human. We each have our gifts and our flaws. Our hopes and our fears. You and I work in progress. Celebrate who you’ve become. And honor the progress you’ve made (instead of demanding perfection).
  8. Plan your week in intimate detail every Sunday morning. This removes the need to make multiple decisions each day (because you now have a beautiful blueprint in place). And that frees up your focus plus energy to dial into the few priorities that are most vital to your A-game.
  9. Let go of the relationships in your inner-circle that steal your joy. Your highest life depends on this one winning move.
  10. Travel more. You’ll receive your most genius ideas and experience your happiest moments running through the streets of Paris, swimming with the dolphins in Mauritius and watching the sun set over the Taj Mahal in Agra.
  11. Have good judgement. Yes, I know I’m old-school on this. But I think we’re living in a culture of oversharing. People show up their pajamas on Instagram, reveal their intimate details on YouTube and have no boundaries on the internet. Go contrarian.
  12. Breath more deeply. Regularly. All elite producers do.
  13. Drink more water. And ginger tea with lemon in it.
  14. Run my “Daily 5 Ritual.” It helped millions of people do amazing things in business plus their personal lives. Five small goals done with perfect execution every day makes 150 accomplished goals a month and 1,850 in a year. Life changer. Truly.
  15. Read What Doesn’t Kill Us by Scott Carney. Fascinating.
  16. Read Into the Magic Shop by James Doty. Moving.
  17. Get enough sleep. Yes, I made The 5 AM Club famous but I’ve never evangelized sleep deprivation. You absolutely need excellent sleep to perform at otherworldly levels. And to be happy, healthy and strong. (And yes – I’m in year three of writing my new book The 5 AM Club. Yikes!)
  18. Remember that your pain has served your growth. Your setbacks have strengthened your character. And your heartbreaks have helped your heroism. (Let resentments go. And trust life has your back.)
  19. Find your Dream Room. This is a place you go where you have zero devices to distract you. Schedule chunks of time in here at least three times a week. To produce Michelangelo-level work. That wows the world.
  20. Run my 2 Massage Protocol. Getting two 90-minute massages a week isn’t an expense. It’s an investment in your peak mindset, massive levels of daily energy (you can’t inspire the world if you are exhausted), battleproofing against stress plus extending your life (a great key to legendary is longevity).
  21. Respect time. Learning how to leverage your time like a pro is mission-critical to leading an epic life. So many people want gorgeous results but aren’t doing the things required to have those rewards. You can’t own your game without installing the core mentalities, routines, operating systems and life structures that the best use every day.
  22. Protect your willpower. One of the most valuable of your performance assets is self-discipline. You can have a brilliant ambition, a sensational mission, exceptional talents and great products. But without the ability to execute on these – and translate your grand intentions into daily results, nothing happens. So understand that elite performance without regular recovery leads to depletion.
  23. Be alone a lot. Solitude is where you get to remember your greatness. World-class performers spend a lot of time alone. Envisioning. Planning. Scripting. Practicing. Studying. Iterating. You should too.