Meetings No 19
Artificial Intelligence
Atti Soenarso: AI is soon an everyday commodity.
Cover Story
Anders Sörman-Nilsson
Gazing into the future of the meetings industry.
Europe is not a market
It is the will to live together.
Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre
“Our vision is to create Europe’s most attractive venue.”
Padraic Gilligan
Why ROI for meetings and incentives is a waste of time.
Elling Hamso
Why ROI is not a waste of time.
ICC Sydney
An important contributor to innovation.
Radar on penetrating the ­European meetings industry.
HR Technology
The Rise of AI
Rohit Talwar and Alexandra Whittington: On AI and HR.
Sustainable Growth
Scandinavian sustainability initiative expands.
In a Hole
Lending a hand.
Record number of association meetings in 2016.
Best Cities Global Forum
“Unlocking the collective intelligence.”
My 23 Best Tactics for Personal Greatness
Robin Sharma: “Protect your willpower.”
Technology and Meetings
Tech is key in creating purposeful meetings.
IMEX Frankfurt
Packed with opportunities.
Cyber Security
The Anti-Cloud
Jaak Geens and Linas Bukauskas on
Cyber vs. Personal
Roger Kellerman: “Now is the time to improve online security.”
business intelligence
Participants from 16 countries
gather for a major conference on Baltic Sea cooperation.
Top Cities for Hotel Openings 2018
Dubai beats the rest of the world.
business Intelligence
EXPO 2020, Dubai:
500,000 new jobs, with more than 2,000 structures being built.
Ekonomisk succé
för SM-veckan i Borås.
Today is the start
first Q Berlin Questions conference.
business intelligence
Korea MICE Bureau
Unveils Best of UNESCO Capital Gyeongju for OWHC Delegates.

Thomas Engelhart
to leave Scandic Hotels.
Business intelligence
ICC Sydney Celebrates 1,000 Team Member Qualifications
Through TAFE NSW Partnership.
air Transport
More than 7% increase
in Air Travel Compared to Last Year.
football and meetings
The Convention Centre Dublin to host UEFA 2020 draw -
Pan-European media gathering to showcase Dublin as a major event host city
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Cyber ​​Security vs. Personal Security

Some of the most important things right now in the world are how we can rely on our politicians, political institutions, global companies and governments. When using algorithms who know more about us than we seem to know ourselves, it’s a hard time.

Facebook, Google, Instagram and Wikipedia are used in more absurd ways. The spam spreads over all widths in my mailbox. I claim to have ordered LED lights from almost all manufacturers in the world, getting dozens of fake invoices every day. My friends at Apple are alleged to send grotesque error message about my Apple ID at least three times each day.

Now is the time to improve online security. And create significantly higher security. Exit spam activists with a single click. It is time for higher cyber security. And we need it quickly so that we do not all get mad at all the trash that just continues to bombard us.

I was in Vilnius to work on our latest Meetings International Business Intelligence Report and I saw the light and I met the jump. Young ambitious high-quality IT professionals who are not only involved in game development, but there are companies that are at the forefront of technology, perhaps even at the leading edge together with Israel, to develop cyber security.

I want to block incoming mail with one click today. I get 700 mail a day, of which 650 are fake, junk, or generally bad, with unusually badly written messages that have no significance for the world’s development. A virtual private network (VPN) will be common. A VPN extends a private network over a public network, such as the Internet. It allows your iPhone or device with network functionality to send and receive shared and private network data as if the device was connected directly to the private network while taking advantage of the Privacy Network Privacy and Privacy Policy.

This should not be more different than that I want high personal safety around myself in my world in general. Just think if IRL was like online? Lots of people running around us all day long and screaming a lot of shame and unrighteousness that takes all our oxygen and destroys every working day. They call our door, claiming that we can no longer receive mail without having to ship it here and now. It’s enough now. Let us lift cyber security to a whole new level. Let’s start blocking sites that lie straight in our face and let us reveal all the lies that surround us online. We have written about Safehotels Alliances for many years now. They are changing the world’s hotels and meeting industry in terms of safety and security in hotels and meeting facilities. Let us help our friends in Vilnius to start seeing cyber security as something sustainable, environmentally friendly and extremely important. Help us stop the ever-increasing spam with meaninglessness that causes me to sit in front of the computer every morning for at least 30 minutes (soon it’s probably an hour) and click away the junk before I can start working on the questions that take us forward. How we create better-designed meetings and events, and not least how we connect science and knowledge development. Let’s simply create better conditions for cyber security that are as important as personal security. Now.