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Advertising in Meetings International Magazine

Space International editions Swedish editions
Full spread
Width: 396 mm, height: 243 mm, bleed: 3 mm
€4,900 €4,300
Full page
Width: 198 mm, height: 243 mm, bleed: 3 mm
€3,300 €2,600

For requested positioning, volume discounts, special advertising, inserts and supplements contact Graham Jones.

  • All ads need to be available to us no later than materials due date.
  • For best print results, download and install our icc profile & pdf settings, and download our media kit and make sure designers follow it’s production guidelines (summarised below).
  • Set up your ad by entering the specified width, height and bleed for the given format in their respective document setup fields.
  • Design elements reaching a crop edge need to reach a bleed edge. The print ad formats are edge-to-edge, so don’t add borders to ads without using plenty of margin between the border and the crop edge. We recommend a mini­mum 10 mm margin (the editorial margins are: top 26 mm, bottom 22 mm, sides 20 mm).
  • Avoid putting critical text/info close to the gutter trim. We recommend using at least 10 mm safety from gutter trim on each page.
  • Export the ad as a press-ready pdf, converted to our icc profile, and make sure to include bleed in the export. There is no need to include printer’s marks in the ads, but if you do then make sure the printer’s marks offset isn’t smaller than the bleed, to ensure no marks are visible in the bleed.
  • Make sure all images are at least 300 ppi and that all colour is set or converted to cmyk in the pdf export.
  • Specify the advertiser, the edition and the format in the file name.
    Like: IBTM World, mi18, full page ad.pdf
  • Submit ads using a file transfer service of your choice adressed to

We reserve the right to charge the full amount for booked ad space for ads not delivered by closing date, as well as the right to adapt any ads submitted in the wrong format to make them printable in the magazine. Supplements and inserts need to be delivered to our printer no later than a week before printing day. Contact our printing house for delivery information.


The Swedish version of Meetings International is printed in 13,000 copies. The Global issue is distributed in 11,000 copies to 9,000 meeting planners in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, through cooperation with IMEX, Rezidor Hotel Group, Nordic Hotels, with another 500 copies being handed out at IMEX Europe in Frankfurt and IBTM World in Barcelona.

Advertising on

Top Banner
IAB Billboard – Width: 970 px, height: 250 px
Format featured at the top of every page + two extra appearances on the front page
€ 600/week
€ 1 800/month
Column Banner Monster
IAB Monster MPU – Width: 300 px, height: 600 px
Format featured on every editorial page
€ 500/week
€ 1 500/month
Column Banner Medium
IAB Medium Rectangle – Width: 300 px, height: 250 px
Format featured on every editorial page
€ 400/week
€ 1 200/month
Footer Banner
IAB Leaderboard – Width: 728 px, height: 90 px
Format featured above every page footer + an extra appearance on the front page
€ 350/week
€ 1050/month
  • All banners are raffled on page load.
  • We accept banners in the following file formats jpeg/gif/png/html.
  • Maximum file size 100 kB.
  • Always include target url for banner linking.
  • Contact us for volume discounts and special advertising.

Advertising in Meetings International Newsletter (email)

  • The Newsletter has over 6 000 active subscribers*.
  • One sponsored news item ad, or a 600×360 px banner, is €590.
  • A fully sponsored Newsletter of your own is €1,900. Up to 7 news items with photos.

Discount: Simultaneous bookings of more than two items is subject to discounts.

* The updated newsletter subscriber count is significantly lower than ­previous years due to a combination of GDPR ramifications and a move to a far more discerning newsletter service provider that is ­aggressively weeding out inactive subscribers, to achieve a smaller but higher-quality subscriber base.

Submitting editorial photos

Use format:
“Description/Subject Name © Photographer’s Name.tif”
( ≥ 2400 × 3000 px, tagged RGB )

  • Submit only press photos cleared for editorial use at no cost to the publisher.
  • Include description/full name of subject(s), for easy identification.
  • We’re required by law to always include the photographer’s name so we need you to either include the name or to confirm in writing that the photographer has explicitly waived their legal right.
  • Size: at least 2,400 pixels wide and 3,000 pixels high.
  • Format: TIFF or PSD format (or high quality JPEG).
  • Colour: RGB colour space, with colour profile included.

Send to: