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IMEX 2023: Gustavo Staufert, Guadalajara CVB

IMEX 2023: Chantal Sturk-Nadeau, Destination Canada

IMEX 2023: Robin Mack, Business Events Australia

Hybrid Meetings: a CityDNA Summer School analysis

Copenhagen Legacy Lab on Creating Long-Term Positive Impact From Congresses

Glasgow Tackles Climate Change with Asphalt Art

IBTM World 2022: Noor Ahmad Hamid, Malaysia Convention Bureau on Legacy

IBTM World 2022: Annleyg Lamhauge, Visit Faroe Islands

IBTM World 2022: Annika Römer, Copenhagen Legacy Lab on Legacy

IBTM World 2022: Samantha Glas, ICC Sydney on Legacy

Latest MI|BIR Edition

The Dubai Mindset

Atti Soenarso: While there is no single right or perfect framework for foresight, lacking a guide means abandoning control over the future.

The Majlis Dialogue

Where people come together to discuss shared interests, resolve problems, discuss daily affairs, and issues.

Latest MI Edition

The App Generation Is Here

Atti Soenarso about an ever more discerning application generation on a mission to expose and eliminate poor performance.

Nothing but Award Washing

Roger Kellerman on basking in make-believe glory of a squeeky clean appearance, instead of simply cleaning up your act.

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