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Hybrid Meetings: a CityDNA Summer School analysis

Copenhagen Legacy Lab on Creating Long-Term Positive Impact From Congresses

Glasgow Tackles Climate Change with Asphalt Art

Latest Edition

Intelligence of Imagination

IntroAtti Soenarso on whether Artificial Imagination is the latest and greatest invention or discussion in IT, or a decades-old concept.

Introjection and Projection

Psychological MeetingsHans Gordon delves into identity formation and social constructions that lead to reasonably stable identities.

Designing for Good Meetings

Great DesignDesigning a “good meeting” requires the insight and innovations found throughout the book Meetings, by Default or by Design.

New Beginnings

IntermissionHere’s to starting over, or starting back up again. To embarking on new adventures, and to every sweet refrain.

Getting Started the Right Way

Facilitate the ProcessAn excerpt from the book Meetings, by Default or by Design, conceived and written by Mike van der Vijver and Eric de Groot.

Imagine the Great Unlearning

The Value of ThinkingFor the most, unlearning is seen as something positive; we unlearn what seems obsolete to give room to what seems more useful.

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