My thoughts are on magic. Yes, magic. Because, you have “the magic” that Mr. Riley speaks of within The 5AM Club, deep within you, and you hold the ability to be the glorious magician of your field, and you carry the capacity to make your life into an electrifying magic show. The starting point is developing the eyesight to see that what I write of is true. See, here’s the thing: With the layers of doubt, fear and disbelief people sold us as we left the wonder of childhood, the majority are blinded to their true nature. And to the way the world really works.

A line from the book that so many people have been sharing: Limitation is a mentality that most people practice daily until it becomes their reality. We see life through a lens. Through a pair of goggles. Via a filter. Made up of our closely cherished beliefs, and regularly run emotional patterns. And we rehearse these constantly until they submerge into our subconscious … if you’re not aware, you’ll believe what you see is true. Instead of recognising that what you’re witnessing is simply your perception of what’s true. To enter the magic that only the advanced minds of history were able to access, I suggest you begin training yourself on the following six daily practices.

1Deliberately Set Project Intentions
I’ve never been so enthusiastic about setting intentions for the activities I do. Intentions are creative, I’ve discovered. Set the intention to produce a new product that users find to be pure genius and it’s remarkable how that focus becomes real. Predict that your morning workout will be intense, excellent and thorough and your thinking will make it so. Mentally (and emotionally) commit to running your next team meeting full of inspiration, encouragement and humility and that Mindset plus Heartset will cause the correct result.

2Release Limited Magic versus Ubiquitous Mediocrity
The majority is caught up in the “relentless release of stuff.” Most producers rush to deliver many materials rather than investing the time and painstaking care to handcraft a single masterpiece that stands the test of time. I go into great depth on this pivotal subject in The 5AM Club yet for now please consider this: it’s wiser to make one Fifth Symphony versus many pieces of mediocrity (that never establish domain dominance).

3Mine Emotion and Mistrust Reason
Digging deep and working on your Heartset instead of only improving your Mindset is a supersmart move. You see, to enter the magic, you must be able to feel. Too many people on the planet have numbed out their emotions because they’ve been hurt so much. They’ve done this to protect their once wide-open hearts. And yet, this serves to sabotage their efforts to win. During your morning routine, make the time to let go of old pain via prayer, meditation and journaling. Write about what’s good in your life so you rebuild a heart full of gratitude. As you do, you’ll shift from working for applause to creating with love. And you’ll leave the addiction of the reasoning mind telling you that because it’s never been done it’s simply not possible. All masterworks began as impossibilities.

“Digging deep and working on your Heartset instead of only improving your Mindset is a supersmart move”

4Recalibrate Your Ecosystem
Your environment influences your ability to unlock the door that is the entrance into the magic life has in store for you. (The universe really does want you to win, you know? You just have to start doing the growth required to get out of your own way.) Starting your day checking emails or peeking into your texts or watching the news, allowing your workspaces (and life spaces) to be messy and sloppy, and being around toxic people are all concrete barriers to accessing the secret universe known to the great women and men of the world. Reorder your ecosystem, so space gets created for your inner magician to show up.

5Head into the Creative Wilderness
The masterful artist’s life isn’t always in the world. Peak creativity occurs by relaxing into the two main seasons of high productivity. I’ll go granular on my life-changing Twin Cycles of Elite Performance framework in The Circle of Legends, my world-famous digital mentoring program. Yet, for now, I’ll simply say that if you’re serious about becoming a virtuoso, balance periods of being in the world with periods in the wilderness of isolation, contemplation, reflection and renewal. Such times are not a waste. It’s essential to the incubation of the next-level insights that will cause you to own your game. And for protecting the assets of genius that will allow you to sustain your mastery over the coming decades.

6Pursue Extreme Helpfulness
The one who elevates the most people wins. I do believe in karma. I’ve seen that life has an enormously fair accounting system. Good things happen to people who do good things. The billionaires and industry titans I mention mostly have one trait in common: they are radically generous because they understand that generosity breeds prosperity. And helping as many people as possible isn’t just a gift for those people. It’s a reward for yourself.

I truly hope this piece I’ve worked so hard on pushes you to make some new moves today. And elevates the standards that you play by. And to do something extremely special for you to help you thrive in this hard time. Stand strong and be of good courage.

Love + Respect,