Business event delegates worldwide are becoming more discerning and sophisticated in using digital services and applications. Apps are now a part of our everyday lives and are rapidly becoming intrinsic to business events. Today, delegates are far less forgiving toward brands that fail to provide high-quality, responsive digital experiences.

Many of us have a low, or zero, tolerance for problems using digital services and applications. At the same time, the application generation has arrived, meaning a seamless digital interaction is now required. The latest research from Cisco, The App Attention Index 2023: Beware the Application Generation, shows that 62 per cent of consumers’ expectations for digital experiences are far higher now than two years ago. The application generation constantly evaluates the relevance of digital services. Consumers aged 18–34 use 41 different applications each month, compared to 30 amongst people aged 35 and above.

According to the study based on a global poll of 15,000 consumers, a new type of application user has emerged who is more empowered, sophisticated and demanding in how they consume applications and digital services. Cisco App Dynamics has dubbed this category of user the application generation.

Delegates expect business event applications to be innovative, intuitive and secure. Happy apps, when working seamlessly, can offer saving time, simplifying lives, and reducing application clutter, among other things. And the study reported that 77 per cent of consumers have stopped using or deleted applications from their devices as a result of performance issues over the past 12 months.

This shift in attitudes and behaviours is most noticeable among younger delegates. The application generation’s lives depend on digital services, and they expect digital participation to add value. They will hold any application that falls short accountable. This shift in expectation is critical for all companies and organisations delivering online experiences.

One of the missions of the application generation is to expose and eliminate poorly performing apps. App Gen’s message to application owners is clear: deliver seamless and secure digital participation or pay the price.

One essential characteristic to be aware of is that the heavy use of digital services is a reality. It is vital to be aware of application use. Super Apps, combining multiple digital services into one app, bring optimism. Also, action will likely be taken against applications that don’t perform.

Now is the time to look at your tech stack to ensure you can easily navigate disruptions, offer the best performance, and deliver the exceptional, enriching experiences today’s delegates expect. People are deleting apps that let them down, or switching to alternative digital services. For example, for the past year, 64 per cent of consumers from the application generation in the United Arab Emirates have deleted more apps than they have installed.

However, function alone is not enough. Application users demand quality and performance and seek the most innovative online experiences. Companies and organisations must work hard to impress the younger delegates or risk losing them.