IBTM World is hosting its event in Barcelona from November 28–30, with the launch of innovative new technology designed to elevate the attendee experience and create better business results for all visitors. It is complemented by the return of old technical favourites, for which the global trade show is known, for generating leads and getting exhibitors and buyers in front of the right people.

The trade show has optimised its matchmaking platform to include Walk Me, a new guidance tool. Enhancing the platform’s ability for exhibitors to search for and request appointments with essential buyers, the new tool is designed to be a ‘how to’ companion, walking exhibitors through every step of the preference selection progress.

Responding to ever-increasing demand, visitor buyers will also have access to the matchmaking platform for the first time at this year’s event, meaning they can schedule meetings with exhibitors before the show. Alongside exhibitors and hosted buyers, visitor buyers will have their diaries synced to the official IBTM World mobile app for easy schedule management.

IBTM World has also launched an Exhibitor Dashboard for its 2023 edition, allowing exhibitors to measure return on investment at a glance. This tool lets exhibitors see how many visitors and buyers view their event profile in real time and how many leads they gathered during the show using the Emperia app.

“Our goal is to provide all attendees with the tools they need to build as many inspiring and profitable business connections as possible in three days. Adding such invigorating technology to this year’s show, alongside the classic tools we know our delegates value and love, only enhances this offering and enables us to provide attendees with even greater value for their time and money,” says Vasyl Zhygalo, Portfolio Director at IBTM World.

“In a business landscape where employees are more selective in the face-to-face events they attend, we appreciate that delegates’ time is something we have to earn, and I can’t wait to see the difference the innovations at this year’s show make to attendees’ experience and their business opportunities.”

The global trade show is also working with a new registration provider, Iceni Event Solutions, to streamline the visitor registration process for its 2023 event. In addition to registration, Iceni will launch its new automated Certification Tool, tracking each visitor and buyer’s session attendance and issuing them a complete overview of their progress after the event.

Nicky Hale, Director at Iceni Event Solutions: “We’re looking forward to showcasing our system and demonstrating how, with the right tools, you don’t need to spend unnecessary hours and resources on the administration. It will help freeing up the IBTM team to focus on delivering a world-class event.”