2021 Trends for Hotels and Venues
  • Planners will seek out environmentally sustainable venues.
  • Training and up-skilling for digital competency is a necessity.
  • Local partnerships will become a greater part of the hotel event experience.
  • The popularity of small groups will continue to grow, especially with hybrid meeting technology.
  • More venues will become “hybrid ready.”
2021 Trends for Hotel and Venue Marketing
  • There will be greater awareness and emphasis on diversity and inclusion.
  • Group and transient success will depend on the ability to optimise marketing initiatives around new priorities.
  • Business travel will increasingly be regional.
  • Elopements, micro-weddings, and hybrid weddings will provide scaled-down event options at hotels.
  • Individual properties will increasingly leverage digital marketing to communicate their readiness for meetings and events.
2021 Trends for efficient Hotel and Venue Operations
  • The ability to plan meetings remotely will be essential for event professionals.
  • Hotels and venues will need to provide expanded health checks and increased safety support for groups.
  • Food and beverage and lifestyle offerings will shift to immunity-boosting food, takeout or dine-in options, and mindfulness.
  • Virtual meetings technology support may become an incremental revenue source for venues.
  • Single-source technology platforms will become more important, as planners and venues prioritise efficiency.

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