Leading global Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) K.I.T. Group today announced the launch of its virtual event platform OPADE – One Platform for All Digital Events. With this, K.I.T. Group expands its extensive spectrum of conference services and software solutions offering unique features for the planning and production of virtual and hybrid events.

With its experience of over 34 years in conference and association management, K.I.T. Group has developed a compact one-stop solution tailored to the needs of its international clients.

“Opade is a natural development for us,” says Willy Kausch, CEO, K.I.T. Group. “We have been working intensively on digital solutions since 2013 and have been looking for the best possible tools to create new event experiences – beyond face-to-face events. We were primarily driven by our clients, who, especially in the past year, were looking for flexible and uncomplicated ways to run their events virtually or hybrid. Developing Opade was, therefore, the next logical step for K.I.T. Group to continue offering our clients a stand-alone solution that consolidates all processes under one roof.”

Fundamental elements in the software development were optimal integration of Opade into K.I.T. Group’s comprehensive suite of applications and the guarantee for seamless transitions along all stages of a state-of-the-art conference journey. To achieve this ambitious goal, full-service conference professionals from over 22 countries brought their talents and business intelligence together to develop Opade – an immersive, user-friendly platform – powered by artificial intelligence.

“Opade is not a re-envisioned scenario of the on-site experience,” says Jocelyne Mülli, Managing Director, K.I.T. Group. “Opade serves as a full-fledged all-in-one digital event platform, allowing our clients to extend the reach of their meeting, engage with, and develop online communities and to make science accessible to everyone and everywhere.”

Designed as an intuitive, multi-lingual event platform, Opade offers a full suite of features, allowing event planners to run successful and engaging digital experiences through omnichannel interactions. In addition, it features powerful connection tools, fostering peer-to-peer exchanges, as well as high-yielding business connections.

Key Highlights of Opade
  • Mobile responsiveness on multiple devices
  • Seamless integration in K.I.T. Group’s registration tool, scientific session planner and industry booking system
  • High-quality streaming platform – no limit of users
  • Live analytics to provide valuable user insights and demonstrate the ROI on all levels
  • ePoster module including chat function with poster authors
  • Integrated simultaneous interpretation
  • eLibrary with search function
  • GDPR compliant
  • Multiple Tax System

The capabilities Opade offers its users have already been demonstrated by K.I.T. Group in several international conference scenarios since early spring 2021. Opade presented itself to a live audience with all its features and revealed its decisive advantages for associations, speakers, delegates, and industry stakeholders.

Opade à la carte  K.I.T. Group offers its clients the option of using the platform as a licensed software solution only, or in combination with K.I.T. Group’s full-service package.

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