Expected to generate economic spin-offs of more than $17.9 million.

At the beginning of 2023, through the many events, meetings and trade shows scheduled on the Québec City Convention Centre calendar, twelve international conferences have already been confirmed at the Québec City Convention Centre. These twelve major conferences alone represent more than $17.9 million in economic spin-offs for the region. Nearly 7,000 event attendees will visit Québec City by December 2023. The average duration of these international conferences is four days.

Among these major scientific gatherings, seven are being held for the first time in Québec City, including INALCO 2023, ICAM 2023, 2023 Optical Design and Fabrication Congress and ISFC/ISoFT 2023, to name a few. These events will focus on advances in aluminium and fluorine chemistry, medical education, hydrogen safety, northern environmental research, and much more.

“The arrival of these twelve international conferences in Québec City will have a major economic impact on the region, not to mention the concrete scientific and cultural advances that result from them. They will also help maintain and create hundreds of jobs and generate more than 33,000 hotel nights. We are delighted to welcome thousands of stakeholders, researchers and scientists from all over the world to the Québec City Convention Centre. We are certain that they will enjoy an unforgettable experience here,” said Pierre-Michel Bouchard, President and CEO of the Québec City Convention Centre.