Opened in 2014, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza has quickly become one of Seoul’s most iconic and unique event venues, located in the heart of the Korean design industry’s Dongdaemun district. Since its arrival, the DDP has already become a prime location for major design-related events including Seoul Fashion Week and travel international shows from Chanel and many others – and, not to forget, The ICLEI World Congress 2015.

The unique structure, designed by world-class architect Zaha Hadid, comprises an exterior covered in 45,133 aluminium panels and an open and curvaceous interior. For events, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza’s facilities include 2 exhibition halls (total of 3,108 m²), 2 convention halls (total of 4,540 m²) and a conference hall (414 m²). The large multi-complex also includes a range of designer and boutique stores, and its central Seoul location places it conveniently close to many of the city’s business hotels as well as shopping and entertainment offerings.

“Before starting to work on the design, it was critical that we worked hard to fully understand the site’s history, urban context, and existing conditions. Through this extensive research, we developed the design to respond directly to these important factors. Dongdaemun is an important gathering place for the city, and the DDP design creates a whole new kind of inclusive public space for the people of Seoul”, says Zaha Hadid at Zaha Hadid Architects.

Some Sevit depicts three glowing islands floating amid the glistening waters of the mighty Han River. The word Some Sevit contains the meaning of ‘awesome’ in recognition of the wonderful space that awaits visitors there.

Some Sevit, which is the world’s first cultural space to float on water, consists of three islands that embody the process by which a seed Some Solvit turns into a flower bud Some Chavit and transforms into a flower in full bloom Some Gavit.

It symbolises the life of Seoul citizens and illuminates Seoul and the Han River. Chavit is, like the sun rising in the east, a glorious light that opens up a vibrant day. Solvit rises to the top and illuminates all directions like the sun at noon. Gavit shines beautifully and elegantly as it, like the sunset, puts the crowning glory on the day. The media art gallery Yevit will be a venue for art like the delicate moonlight illuminating the night.

Some Sevit opened its doors in April 2014. In reality a complex of three islands floating on the water by means of incredibly advanced engineering technology. With its 762 m², the Some Sevit main hall is well suited for conventions and seats 550 delegates, or 1,000 standing. The three restaurants have room for 150–250 seated guests, and the two neighbouring islands consist of exhibition and restaurant areas together with recreational functions.

Some Sevit was featured in the recent Avengers movie. With the uniqueness of the facility, its location on the river, the nightly views across the city the Moonlight Rainbow Bridge illuminated fountain, this is already a stunning success. The world will come gathering to see how awesome it is.