Venue4you is a new investor-backed digital venue booking platform especially designed to match the demands of the global exhibition and congress industry. With inspiration from well-known hotel and apartment booking services like Expedia, and Airbnb, Venue4you has been developed to give organizers the opportunity to quickly and effectively find the right venue at the right destination, at the right time and at the right price. A much needed and sought-after service.

“Venue search and booking of large international events must be a much easier process than it is today,” says Björn Delin, CEO of Nice Events Scandinavia and Founder of Venue4 International, the company behind Venue4you. “Finding the right venue for your event today is both difficult and time consuming. We believe that there is a big demand for this type of platform.”

“With the free-of-charge service of Venue4you, organizers of exhibitions and congresses are able to quickly and easily compare prices and offers of venues across the world using the specially designed search engine.”

“Today we have Teams and Zoom meetings, we book travel, hotel rooms and even buy cars and have doctor appointments online,” Björn Delin continues. “I am convinced that our industry will be much more digital in the coming years and that digital venue booking will be the most common method used in the future.”

Venue4you also gives exhibition and congress centers as well as destinations an effective marketing platform to reach international organizers. It enables them to market their services through banners, sponsored “selected venues” sections, featured listings, selected newsletter mailings and other marketing services.

Venue4you will be launched during the first half of 2022.

Venue4 International is an investor-backed event tech company offering global and digital exhibition and congress venue booking services. The company is founded by Björn Delin, CEO of Nice Events Scandinavia, with the support of some of the exhibition and congress industry’s most reputable persons in Europe, Asia and the US. Venue4 International joins the number of pioneering tech companies deriving from Sweden.