Nordic Choice Hotels is raising the bar for international conference venues with the opening of Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport next to the hotel group’s existing Clarion Hotel on May 20. This addition means that they now offer 66,000 m² divided between nearly 1,000 hotel rooms, an enormous conference hall and 33 meeting rooms just a four minute walk from the airport.

Finally, Copenhagen Airport gets a big budget hotel. However, Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport is anything but ordinary. Even though the hotel offers wallet friendly rooms, there is clear focus on modern decor with a personal twist and the hotel features an abundance of facilities – far more than you would typically expect from a budget hotel.

“While Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport is a budget hotel, it is from standard. At our hotel the guest can play a match of ping-pong in the lobby area, work at our large community tables in front of the barception or enjoy the view over Oresund or the airport from the skybar on the 10th floor. In other words, this is not just a place to stay, it’s a place to explore,” says Jesper Olesen, Cluster General Manager for Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport and Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport.

At Copenhagen Airport there is also enthusiasm about the opening of both the hotel and the conference venue:

“With this new hotel and conference venue, Denmark and Copenhagen Airport will become even more attractive as a destination – not least for the meeting and conference industry, which like the aviation industry now need to be restarted after the global pandemic,” says Peter Krogsgaard, Vice President for Commercial & Passenger Journey at Copenhagen Airport.

The Hangar, which is the name of the hotel’s new conference venue, is the largest conference venue directly connected to an airport in Northern Europe. It features 3,900 m² including a huge conference hall of 2,500 m². All together, Nordic Choice Hotels now offer 66,000 m² and nearly 1,000 rooms when combining The Hangar, Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport and Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport.

“This will be the new, great hub of the Nordics. For all of us Norwegians, Swedes and Finns who love Copenhagen it couldn’t be any better or easier. We can hop on a plane, land at the airport, get our luggage and arrive at the hotel in four minutes. And with just 13 minutes on the metro we can be in the heart of wonderful Copenhagen. If there’s anything the pandemic has made clear to me, it is how much I miss Copenhagen in particular. This city has everything we dream about now: a unique ambience, amazing restaurants, a vast cultural offer and of course the Danes, who create the great atmosphere. To top it all off, the hotel is located nearby Amager Beach, the Nordic equivalent of Gran Canaria. What more could you want,” says Petter Stordalen, Founder of Nordic Choice Hotels.

While the travel activity is low at the moment, Cluster General Manager Jesper Olesen is still looking much forward to begin put the new hotel and conference venue into use:

“We will be offering something no one else does, because of our unique location and our great combined capacity. Naturally, it will be a while before we will see international conferences at a scale like prior to the pandemic. However, in the meantime we can find joy in the fact that the Danish companies are already showing interest in the venue for this fall. And with 3,900 m² it will be easy to host safe events with plenty of distance.”

Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport is a part of Nordic Choice Hotels. The hotel features 605 rooms, a skybar on the 10th floor with a view of Oresund and Copenhagen Airport, a large lobby area with the option of working on the go as well as five meeting rooms and the largest conference venue directly connected to an airport in Northern Europe.

Nordic Choice Hotels is one of the largest hotel groups in the Nordic region with over 200 hotels in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The company markets the Comfort Hotel, Quality Hotel, Clarion Hotel and Clarion Collection chains, as well as 34 independent hotels and the longstay brand Strawberry Living.