Copenhagen Gaming Week will become a reality. Several years of development culminate in a three-day festival where all aspects, genres, and subcultures of gaming and esports convene at Bella Arena and Bella Center Copenhagen. The goal is to position Copenhagen and Denmark on the global stage, and over time, the event is expected to expand for the benefit of the entire city and industry.

Whether you’re a product of pixelated arcade games, a character-painting enthusiast in your basement, a neighbourly card-swapper, or someone who thrives on the adrenaline of online battles, today’s news demands your attention. It’s official: The inaugural Copenhagen Gaming Week is in January 2024.

Copenhagen Gaming Week is Denmark’s new, epic, international festival encompassing everything related to gaming and esports. Visitors of all ages can explore the tech of the future, delve into the hottest trends of the present, and celebrate the retro-gaming classics of the past, all while fostering and expanding a unique community with others who share the same passion.

“In the broader population, there’s a tendency to equate gaming with esports. But the structured, competition-driven gaming that we call esports – which also forms a central part of Copenhagen Gaming Week – is just the tip of a massive iceberg. Beneath the surface lies a world of passionate communities. It’s people who engage in cosplay, collect football cards, or play games on their phones purely for fun. We want to celebrate and provide a meeting place for them and many more,” says Kevin Helsinghof, Commercial Director for Bella Arena and Bella Center Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Gaming Week aims to become a beacon

While Bellagroup provides the stage for Copenhagen Gaming Week with Bella Arena and Bella Center Copenhagen, Jakob Lund Kristensen from Blackbox Media heads a team that sources and curates content for this new mega-event. Jakob has previously founded the world-renowned Danish esports sensation Astralis and the globally recognised tournament and media platform BLAST. However, with Copenhagen Gaming Week, something entirely new is at stake:

“Denmark has achieved a unique position in the global gaming industry over the past many years, primarily due to strong flagship companies centred around the competitive aspect of gaming. We now have a unique opportunity to create an entirely new focal point that extends far beyond esports with the potential of truly putting Denmark on the map in a much broader sense. We hope that Copenhagen Gaming Week can become a catalyst and contribute to emphasising Copenhagen’s international position as a gaming capital,” emphasises Jakob Lund Kristensen.

Positioning Copenhagen as a gaming destination

Branding Copenhagen as a gaming destination has been a high priority for Wonderful Copenhagen, the capital tourism organisation, which has been the primary development partner for Copenhagen Gaming Week alongside Bellagroup since 2019. Communications Director at Wonderful Copenhagen, Rikke Holm Petersen, states:

“Gaming and esports have become one of the world’s most significant arenas for culture, sport, and entertainment and offer a powerful platform to showcase the Danish capital internationally. Strategically scheduling Copenhagen Gaming Week when the city has fewer visitors also contributes to our goal of nurturing a more sustainable tourist destination, where hype and interest are spread throughout the year.”

Four unique “worlds” await

Copenhagen Gaming Week is meticulously crafted around four distinctive realms, each tailored to different core segments of the community while simultaneously offering new experiences across the board for guests in January:

  • Esports Arena  An adrenaline-pumping pressure cooker where thousands of participants will witness renowned CS: GO top teams in intense battles against global challengers. The tournaments play out all three days, with the Grand Final scheduled for Sunday.
  • Urban & Sport  A crossroads for virtual gaming champions and globally recognised brands, converging physical sports, fashion, music, streaming, and pop culture. Discover the latest tech trends, challenge friends on indoor street courts, and engage with innovative creators.
  • Superfans  Gaming is not just a hobby; it’s a deeply rooted and passionate community. In the Superfans world, you can geek out completely, trade cards, participate in epic battles, showcase iconic character costumes, and connect with new and old friends.
  • New Generation  Young and upcoming gamers can experience the wonderful universes of games in a meaningful and safe environment with a focus on play, learning, emotions, and physical activity driven by beloved characters and brand-new titles.

In addition to the four worlds, Copenhagen Gaming Week, through various organisational partnerships, will facilitate a range of talks on topics such as health, equality, and online behaviour in gaming, as well as access to knowledge and support for young people who wish to explore the possibilities of education and a future in the field.

Copenhagen Gaming Week facts
  • The inaugural event occurs at Bella Arena and Bella Center Copenhagen from January 12th to 14th, 2024.
  • Developed in a partnership between Bellagroup, Wonderful Copenhagen, and Blackbox Media.
  • A recurring event will be developed year by year and eventually span multiple days, involving more stakeholders and areas in the Danish capital.
  • The goal for the first 2024 edition is 15,000 visitors, primarily expected to come from Denmark and Sweden. The ratio of international visitors is targeted to grow from there.
  • Copenhagen Gaming Week is supported by the Capital Region of Denmark and the City of Copenhagen.
  • A portion of the support is earmarked for activating the city’s children and youth and a talent attraction program spearheaded by Copenhagen Capacity.
    Tickets go on sale on Thursday, August 31st, at 09 AM.