From 13th to 15th October, 23 countries will be participating in TTG Travel Experience at Rimini Expo Centre. The event, the first of its kind since the global shutdown last year, signifies a major confidence boost for the relaunch of a key sector.

Saudi Arabia has been confirmed as Official Partner Country of TTG Travel Experience 2021, cementing its presence as a leading tourism destination in the international marketplace. The Italian Exhibition Group event will be held at Rimini Expo Centre (Italy) from 13th to 15th October and is the most important Italian marketplace for the tourism industry, a significant platform in stimulating supply and demand on a global scale.

The event will bring together more than 20 countries with The World section featuring Saudi, Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Cuba, Colombia, Jordan, Maldives, Seychelles and, for Europe, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Malta, Ireland and Cyprus.

“As the world continues to reopen and travel safely resumes, our participation in TTG Travel Experience is in line with our international strategy to inspire, engage and convert, bringing to life Saudis diverse offering of cultural adventures, world class heritage sites and authentic Arabian hospitality,” said Fahd Hamidaddin, Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA).

STA is responsible for raising awareness of Saudi as a tourism destination. The organization is focused on developing partnerships with travel trade partners around the world, to expand the reach of Saudis tourism offer and to drive conversion in key source markets.

“Saudi has a wealth of iconic sites for travellers to experience, the pristine Red Sea, the awe-inspiring Arabian dunes, the rich cultural and heritage sites and the exciting line up of entertainment offers.” said Fahd Hamidaddin. “Now that our borders are open, we look forward to welcoming international visitors with open hearts and open minds.”

“We are honoured by Saudis participation as TTG Partner Country. The involvement of 23 countries confirms the international market value that our event has for Italian organized tourism companies and the matching potential for foreign buyers. On the four cardinal points of the globe, from Ireland to the Seychelles, from Cuba to Japan, for the 2021 edition of IEGs event, confidence is the fundamental driver of the international tourism industry,” said Corrado Peraboni, CEO of Italian Exhibition Group.