Close to 1,000 European paediatric dentists will gather at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre this week, in one of several large conferences taking place in Gothenburg in June. This first month of summer is traditionally a strong meeting period for the city, and over 4,000 participants are expected to visit around ten meetings on various topics.

Anyone passing by the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers Hotel in central Gothenburg this week would have a hard time ignoring the fact that a significant congress is underway. The current one is about paediatric dentistry, gathering around 1,000 international experts from June 12 to 15. It is the 17th Congress of the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry, abbreviated EAPD.

The members of the organisation behind the congress consist of dentists, researchers, and experts from all over Europe working in the field of paediatric dentistry, focusing on children’s dental health. Their goal is to improve dental care for children through practical work, education, and research. The theme for this year’s congress is “Handling children with care,” aiming to improve dental health for children and adolescents throughout Europe with care.

This is an area where the host country of Sweden has a tradition of being ahead of the international curve, and Nina Sabel, Associate Professor and Senior Consultant of Pedodontics at the University of Gothenburg comments: “We know how important good oral health is for children’s general health and future well-being.”

Ties to local research

Many of the major medical conferences are linked to research conducted in Gothenburg. During the current Midsummer week, the Mucins in Health and Disease Conference will be held at Quality Hotel 11. The congress is about proteins found in mucous membranes, how they function, and their role in health and disease. Carolyn Bertozzi, a Nobel laureate in chemistry from Stanford University, is the keynote speaker at the congress.

“June is traditionally a good month for large meetings and conferences. This year, Gothenburg is hosting meetings on various subjects such as medicine, technology, social work, and sustainable innovations. Several of the conferences held so far have attracted more participants than we expected, which is very exciting,” says Fredrik Lundgren, Project Manager at Gothenburg Convention Bureau.

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