The Wood Hotel by Elite is opening its doors to Swedish Lapland’s newest international hotel destination in October 2021. Situated in Skellefteå, a booming European greentech epicenter, the hotel features an impressive take on sustainability, aiming to be carbon dioxide neutral within its first five years. Built on the threshold between nature and innovation, this full-service hotel experience offers the best of Scandinavia – with a panoramic view of midnight sun as well as northern lights.

Situated in one of the tallest timber frame buildings in the world, The Wood Hotel by Elite is an homage to its area’s local tradition of forestry and wood construction. 75 metres tall and designed by world renowned White Architects, the building’s 20 floors hold everything you need for escaping reality – 205 well-designed hotel rooms, three restaurants, a skybar and a spa with a spectacular panoramic view over the surrounding city and the vast woods beyond. Also, the home of a brand-new cultural center, guests and locals will be able to enjoy a museum, galleries, a theatre, concert stages and the City Library without even leaving the building.

Living in the intersection between high-tech engineering and nature, The Wood Hotel defines a new era for the esteemed Swedish hotel group Elite Hotels. Established in 1983 by hotelier Bicky Chakraborty, Elite has become known by turning landmark public buildings into prestige hotels. Still run as a family-owned business today, Caroline Chakraborty, Bicky’s daughter, Elite Group partner and board member, has taken an active role in developing Elite Groups latest new concepts including the Wood Hotel. The ambition with The Wood Hotel she claims, is to explore a new generation of hotel experiences:

“I’ve grown up surrounded by hotels defined by a very strong soul. At The Wood Hotel by Elite we’ve really set out to bring it into this magnificent building, by paying tribute to the region’s unique history and tradition,” says Caroline Chakraborty and continues.

“Our concept is very inspired by the Swedish North’s unique nature and its legacy within forestry, but also Skellefteå’s modern position as an epicenter for progressive, green-tech engineering. We want to create memorable experiences and evoke a sense of hopefulness of what the future could hold, encouraging our guests to explore new ideas – be it inside of their room or beyond.”

Nature is very present at The Wood Hotel by Elite – it’s at the core of the actual wall constructions and creates a sense of calmness and tranquility. Barely finished, the building has already been awarded internationally for its pioneering sustainable construction, making the most out of the natural benefits of timber. Created to be a model for sustainable architecture, the wooden construction is designed to endure the harsh weather conditions of the Swedish North, while also remaining energy efficient. The green roof contributes to thermal insulation, as well as absorbing noise pollution, enhancing biodiversity and delaying rainwater run-off.

The Wood Hotel by Elite opens in October 2021, welcoming guests to experience the North like never before.