Meetagain, a well-known name in the Swedish conference organisation sector with a legacy spanning three decades, reveals its transformative journey over the past six months. Amidst the challenges of the Covid pandemic, Meetagain has showcased resilience and ingenuity, aiming to position itself as a thought leader in the global meetings industry.

Key highlights

Leading Through Challenges  CEO Caroline Knies has adeptly steered Meetagain to tackle the challenges posed by the pandemic, reinventing strategies to remain at the forefront of the meetings industry.

Global Representation  The global community has recognised Meetagain’s prominence and influence. Caroline Knies now proudly serves as the Treasurer for the World PCO Alliance (WPCOA). Furthermore, the new partner, Ellen Franck, has been appointed as the Next Gen Chair and Member of the IAPCO council, ensuring Meetagain’s voice in shaping the industry’s future.

Technological Advancement  Leveraging its representation in global councils, Meetagain actively engages in discussions around innovative technology, ensuring it stays ahead of industry trends and effectively serves its clients.

Commitment to Sustainability  Vital to Meetagain’s philosophy is its dedication to the ‘Partnership for the Goals’ initiative of Agenda30. Grounded in Sweden, the company emphasises cultivating sustainable relationships, embodying the belief that local efforts are pivotal for global transformation.

The WTC 2025 Congress  In what promises to be a landmark event, Meetagain is gearing up to host its most significant congress to date, WTC 2025, taking place at Stockholmsmässan. This event underscores the company’s capacity and ambition, signifying the calibre of clients and congresses Meetagain is attracting and serving.

CEO Caroline Knies expressed: “This transformation is a testament to our team’s dedication and adaptability. We’re not just navigating challenges but are setting a benchmark for what the future of the meetings industry can look like.”