Medina Palms is a Kenyan hotel and villa complex situated by the Indian Ocean in Watamu. It is an exclusive destination in a remote part of the country. Max Cheli, CEO of the facility, states that security is a prioritised issue and that they make major investments in training for every department. The training process, which includes health and security, also plays an important role in employee induction and selection of personnel. As a part of the facility’s CSR initiative, the majority of employees live in nearby villages.

“These are very important issues and we give them a high priority. We have spent a long time looking for an accreditation company for our security that gives us an effective and proactive support system, which means that we can fulfil international requirements that guests, travel managers and company managements set for us,” says Max Cheli.

During his search for a professional company in security certification, Max Cheli discovered that Safehotels already worked with the Sankara Hotel in Nairobi.

“We know the Sankara has a high-quality standard, it’s one of the leading hotels in Nairobi, and that’s a sufficiently good business reference for me. In today’s international political climate, security is definitely one of the most important issues.”

“No one wants to take risks when you book a hotel for one of your employees”

Medina Palms has started the security certification process. As soon as the certification is issued and reviewed by external auditors, the message will be spread.

“The entire world will come to know that the hotel has been security-certified by Safehotels. It gives us a platform that means we can increase occupancy rates next year, and in the years ahead.”

“Apart from the business aspect, as CEO I also have a legal responsibility. An annual inspection gives us a clear goal to strive for and an aim to continuously improve. In addition, travel managers can be assured that we maintain a very high standard of security, because our employees are so well trained in security issues.”

In terms of meeting spaces, Medina Palms has about 5,000 m² of space, including a 300 m² ballroom. There are other meeting rooms with capacities ranging from 22 people up to 150 participants. Events include board meetings, conferences, incentive trips and company gatherings. The beach is rated as one of the ten best on the Indian Ocean and is frequently used for a variety of events.

“Travel managers and business travellers want peace and quiet as a basic precondition for booking a hotel. No one wants to take risks when you book a hotel for one of your employees. The issue is even more important for Medina Palms as a destination, due to its geographical location,” says Max Cheli.