All conferences and events organised by MCI Copenhagen in 2023 will be offered to have their CO₂ savings measured by Klimascore.

MCI Copenhagen is a leader in making events more sustainable and by using Klimascore to measure the actual CO₂ spend, the event organiser will demonstrate a high focus on sustainability. The CO₂ saving and CO₂ spend is verified by Klimascore and the end result can be published at the event. It is a great opportunity for event organisers to show commitment to making events more sustainable.

Per Ankaer, CEO of MCI Copenhagen says: “We are extremely happy that we can offer all our clients to measure the CO₂ saving and it is part of our journey to reduce CO₂ at all events we do.”

René Channouf Jacobsen, CEO of Klimascore says: “We are ready to document and provide climate event storytelling that will inspire thousands of conference guests. With this agreement we show how the event industry can lead climate action.”