As part of efforts to increase electric mobility and to support the global emissions targets of creating net-zero emissions by 2050, Radisson Hotel Group is expanding its network of more than 500 charging stations for electric vehicles in EMEA, while the company is launching new ultra-fast charging stations.

In collaboration with the leading manufacturer of electric charging stations, Allego, Radisson Hotel Group’s Green Mobility network has expanded to more than 510 charging stations in over 220 different hotels in Europe. The new ultra-fast charging stations are part of the group’s sustainability work to promote the electric car industry and at the same time meet increased demand from customers.

The ultra-fast charging stations take about 20 minutes to charge an electric car. In Sweden today there are approximately 400,000 electric passenger cars and motorcycles, which is a growth of 50 percent in the last year alone, according to the electric power organisation Power Circle. Against the backdrop of increased demand, Radisson Hotel Group has installed 21 charging stations in Sweden and around 110 stations across the Nordic region.

As a leading player in sustainability, Radisson Hotel Group is driving the travel and hospitality industry forward, with expanded green travel options as part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions and achieve the global net-zero goal by 2050. The group joins other leading companies participating in the Business Ambition for 1.5 degrees and the UNFCCC’s Race to Zero campaign as part of an important, globally coordinated effort to reach the goal of net-zero.

“Demand for electric vehicles is expected to grow fourfold by 2025. At Radisson Hotel Group, we support this change by offering green mobility solutions in our hotels. Today, we already have over 500 charging stations and an ambitious goal to provide charging capabilities at all our properties by 2025. We has an ambition to push the e-mobility movement forward by providing different vehicle types with everything they need for more sustainable events or meetings,” says Inge Huijbrechts, Global Senior Vice President Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications at Radisson Hotel Group.

Radisson Hotel Group has long been a pioneer in sustainability and was the first hotel group to launch a global 100 percent carbon neutral meeting program, which automatically offsets the carbon footprint of every single event and meeting held at any of its hotels. Over the past ten years, Radisson Hotel Group has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 30 per cent and offset approximately 30,300 tons of carbon dioxide since 2019. In 2021, the group reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 22 per cent per square metre and reduced its water footprint by 23 per cent per square metre compared to 2019.

“Every temperature record and natural disaster makes it clear that we must act now to limit global warming, and define immediate and concrete measures that ensure that tourism and travel do not contribute to it. Together with hoteliers, suppliers and our team, we set out to the journey towards reducing carbon emissions by 2050. Net-Zero can and must be achieved by all types and sizes of organisations, and we must all be united in our challenge for a 1.5 degree future,” says Inge Huijbrechts.