The summer of 2021 is expected to focus on domestic travel. And as people are preparing to explore more areas of their home terrain, there are already reports of increased littering and fears of congestion at popular destinations this summer. To help address this, Scandic has launched a program that rewards travelers who show extra consideration for others and nature this summer.

By committing to adhere to Scandic’s list of ten good habits for summer travel, travelers can earn points for future stays at Scandic hotels. The habits have been developed by Scandics sustainability department and cover everything from smiling at fellow travelers to choosing more plant-based food and collecting waste on the go to recycle later. At hotels in Sweden, the initiative is also being supported through a partnership with Keep Sweden Tidy. As part of the collaboration, selected hotels in Sweden as well as in Norway, Finland, Germany and Poland are providing reusable bags that guests can take with them to collect waste to recycle later – all to help people leave places the way they found them, if not a bit better.

“As pressure on many of our most popular destinations increases, so does the impact on the environment. By better managing our waste and helping keep nature clean, we can lower our environmental impact and reduce the amount of plastic and other materials in nature and our seas,” says Johanna Ragnartz, CEO at Keep Sweden Tidy.

The initiative is part of Scandic’s long-term sustainability strategy and aims to raise awareness of how everyone, even in small ways, can contribute to a better society this summer and over time. Everyone who signs up to adhere to the ten habits will receive 2,000 member points that can be used to book future hotel stays at Scandic hotels.

“This past year of the pandemic has shown that we can all take responsibility for everything from keeping social distance to staying at home when we have even the slightest symptoms. Every day at our hotels, we meet and inspire thousands of guests, and even small everyday things like making sure we extinguish grills at picnics, traveling as environmentally friendly as possible and putting waste in garbage cans or recycling bins can make a huge difference,” says Magnus Ljungberg, Director of Sustainability at Scandic Hotels Group.

Since the 1990’s, Scandic has been working to address sustainability issues together with various companies and organizations. Among other things, since 1996, Scandic has reported sustainability data from all of its hotels. The company was also early to phase out single-use disposables, launched the “hang up your towel” initiative that helps save thousands of liters of water at hotels around the world every year and has switched to 100 percent renewable electricity.

Scandic was also the first hotel company in Europe to offer a climate-smart and one hundred percent plant-based burger on its menu and the company’s restaurants have a strong focus on reducing food waste. Together with apps such as Karma, Too Good To Go and ResQ Club, Scandic has helped save about 150,000 meals per year in the Nordic region. As a further step in the companys sustainability initiatives, travelers are now being encouraged to show consideration for the environment this summer under the banner “I travel with care.”

Scandics 10 good habits for traveling with care:

  1. Smile at a stranger. Show people you meet on your trip that you care. ​
  2. Go your own way! Explore the unknown.
  3. Leave every place a bit better than you found it.
  4. Eat with care for the environment. ​
  5. ​Use one towel during your entire hotel stay and if possible, skip daily cleaning. ​​
  6. Save water by turning off the taps when using soap and shampoo and when brushing your teeth.
  7. Choose the most environmentally friendly transport. ​
  8. Help reduce good food from going to waste by thinking about portions and taking only what you need. ​
  9. Choose environmentally friendly accommodations. ​
  10. Take care of yourself and others. Follow the guidelines and recommendations of the region you are traveling in.

Read more about Scandics 10 good habits and the initiative here.