On my exercise bike the other morning, while pedalling quickly and rhythmically, I listened to an audiobook based on George Orwell’s essay Why I Write. One insight was a standout: he noted that one of his drivers for writing was to be political. Not in the smaller sense of running for office by securing votes. But in the larger sense of spreading a philosophy. Of starting a movement. And upgrading the world.

That got me thinking.

Why, after 26 years in the personal mastery and leadership advisory fields, do I keep writing books?

… I’m not interested in fame nor adulation.

… I’m not fascinated by awards and trophies.

… I’m not excited by glory and legacy.


I write because I have no choice.

I can’t not write. It’s the call of my soul. And a main errand of my life.

… I write because I adore the craft.

… I write to capture and clarify my thoughts.

… I write to heal my wounds.

… I write to fill my hours with joy.

… I write to enchant my beloved readers.

Mostly, like Mr. Orwell, I write to share a message. That each of us can do towering work and become stronger and healthier and happy and more alive.

I write to serve. To inspire. To provoke people to act. On their wishes and longings and desires and dreams.

I, too, write to do my part to build a better, brighter and more beautiful world.

Yes, our planet is dealing with a plague and wars and wildfires and social unrest.

Yes, things are a mess.

Yet, you have the true power to manage your mind, open your heart, upgrade your fitness and send your soul alight with joy and service. Oh yes you do (so please don’t argue with me on this essential point ;)).

You do have this power. This I know to be true.

If you’d like my help to turn ordinary into exceptional and swiftly access the primal hero that is your truest nature, I’d be honored to help you fly. (It inspires me viscerally to assist good humans ready to live their gifts actually make this wish real.)

My extremely anticipated new book, The Everyday Hero Manifesto (EHM), is now available.

Kindly know:

… I’ve never spent so much of myself on a book I’ve written.

… EHM is absolutely the most valuable book I’ve ever released and is nothing like anything I’ve ever created.

… EHM is part manual for peerless productivity, part handbook for leading a world-class life and part playbook for spiritual liberty.

… EHM is deeply personal (I share my struggles and tragedies, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did).

… EHM contains learning models and heavyweight habits and a complete system to push masterwork into the world.

I feel highly confident that once you invest in a copy of The Everyday Hero Manifesto and take small steps each day to make the information a part of your work and personal life, your life will rise to a whole new level of success, beauty, serenity and service to many.

A portion of my royalties goes to help children with leprosy rise. So, you not only get a life-changing book, but you also help a kid in need.

I hope this helps you remember your heroism and make some real improvements to the work you produce, the quality of your personal mastery and your helpfulness to society.

All my best! Now, go be great.