The new 1,650-metre, six-lane tunnel will span from the end of Dubai’s Infinity Bridge in Deira ramp to the intersection of Al Khaleej and Cairo Streets. The tunnel is a vital component of the Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project, a large-scale initiative by RTA that spans 13 kilometres. It involves enhancing Sheikh Rashid Road, Al Mina Street, Al Khaleej Street, and Cairo Street and upgrading 15 intersections.

According to Mattar Al Tayer, director general and chairman of RTA’s board of executive directors, the project serves about one million residents. It aims to reduce travel times from 104 minutes to 16 minutes by 2030. The upcoming tunnel will feature three lanes in each direction, handling up to 12,000 vehicles per hour, significantly easing traffic flow. It aims to provide a smoother commute from Infinity Bridge towards Deira and vice versa. The project also includes converting the intersection of Cairo and Al Wuheida Streets from a roundabout to traffic signals, improving Cairo Street, and linking the bridge ramp from Dubai Islands to the new tunnel. Moreover, the new phase will serve the residents of Abu Hail, Al Wuheida and Al Mamzar along with development projects like Dubai Islands, Dubai Waterfront, Waterfront Market and Hamriya Port.

In addition to the Al Khaleej Street Tunnel, the RTA is enhancing Sheikh Rashid Street with a 4.8 km project. This project includes the construction of three bridges totalling 3.1 km in length to support more than 19,400 vehicles per hour. The bridges are designed to improve traffic flow across significant intersections. The first bridge is 1.3 km long and accommodates up to 10,800 vehicles per hour. The second, at 780 m, supports 5,400 cars per hour, and the third, at 985 m, facilitates 3,200 vehicles per hour.

Furthermore, the project extends to upgrading 4.8 km of roadways along several streets, constructing two pedestrian bridges, and enhancing infrastructure such as street lighting, drainage, and irrigation systems.

The RTA has completed multiple phases of the larger Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project, including opening several bridges and intersections along Sheikh Rashid Road and connecting roads. They have also completed bridge constructions to the Dubai Islands and along Al Khaleej Street.

Additionally, improvements at the Falcon Intersection have been finished, featuring two major bridges on Al Khaleej Street and supporting infrastructure to accommodate over 24,000 vehicles per hour. The ongoing work includes further tunnels and intersections as part of this expansive project.