The Exhibition Guru

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The Art of Exhibiting at Trade Shows and How to Make Money From It

by Mikael Jansson

Trade shows – used correctly – are the single most important point of contact between a company and its market. During the intense few days of a show a company has meetings that can have a powerful effect on its future.


The Exhibition Guru is written for people in charge of their company s exhibit program. The book is packed with knowledge, ideas, inspiration, and examples of how you can improve your show appearances and increase the payoffs to your company.

”This book explores every angle of how to exhibit at trade shows. There should really be a law saying that everyone who exhibits at a show has to read this book first.”

Roger Kellerman, Meetings International,

Author Mikael Jansson is the CEO and part owner of Scandinavian Survey Group. Since the mid-1980s he has worked with surveys and consultations related to the field of trade show exhibiting and is a highly popular speaker on the subject.

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