Finavia will open a food court in the gate area of Helsinki Airport in collaboration with the leading restaurant service provider Select Service Partner Finland (SSP). The food court, which consists of six different restaurants, will be completed at Helsinki Airport in early summer 2023.

“In recent years, we have invested in the development of food and beverage services at Helsinki Airport. We are looking forward to the opening of new restaurants at our airport,” says Nora Immonen, Finavia’s VP and Director for Commercial Services and Business at Helsinki Airport.

One of the new restaurants is the Swedish hamburger chain Bastard Burgers, which, in collaboration with SSP, is opening its second restaurant in Finland. The other new restaurants are Fafa’s, Robert’s Coffee, Pala Pizza Bar, Asian Corner and Tori Kitchen & Café.

“We believe our passengers will be delighted with the food court’s wide range of restaurants. We aim to increase the supply of affordable hot food and easily portable products,” Nora Immonen concludes.

The food court will be operated by SSP Finland, Finland’s leading restaurant company in the tourism environment.

“SSP Finland specialises in developing and operating different food and beverage concepts and brands in a fast-paced tourism environment. We recognise the various needs of air passengers, and the food court’s wide range of restaurants will surely have something for everyone,” says Elena Heiska, Managing Director of Select Service Partner Finland Oy.

According to Elena Heiska, special attention has been paid to the speed of service and serving passengers round the clock. All meals can also be taken on board flights.

Favourite kitchens tailored for passengers

In addition to Fafa’s, Bastard Burgers and the Finnish family company Robert’s Coffee, SSP will open three restaurants and cafés tailored to the needs of passengers at Helsinki Airport: Asian Corner, Pala Pizza Bar and Tori Kitchen & Café.

“Our restaurant Asian Corner brings under one kitchen the experience of the best and most colourful food stalls in Asia without limiting itself to any particular Asian food genre. The secret of the pizza served by Pala Pizza Bar lies in its dough: the dough is made at the restaurant with Finnish flour and allowed to rest for at least 48 hours. A perfect tomato sauce and high-quality toppings crown the pizza experience.”

“At Tori Kitchen & Café, we have carefully selected the best Finnish favourites in accordance with our principles of serving honest, sustainable and handmade food. Tori’s breakfast menu includes slow-cooked porridge made with organic Finnish oats. All pastries – including Tori’s signature product, a freshly baked doughnut – are baked at our bakery at the airport.” 

“We are very excited about our new restaurants and new partnerships. We can’t wait to open our new restaurants in the heart of the revamped Helsinki Airport,” Elena Heiska adds.