• Meeting Architecture

    299,00kr inkl. moms
    A Manifesto
    by Maarten Vanneste This Award winning book is for those that organize or plan meetings, conferences or events. It is a manifesto for the discipline of Meeting Architecture. It reveals the process and a set of tools for designing better, more effective, high impact meetings, conferences and events.
  • Wild Sweden

    299,00kr inkl. moms
    Exploring an outdoor wonderland
    by Staffan Widstrand The first-ever temptation book about the Best of the Best to see and do in nature in Sweden. The riches of wildlife, nature and outdoor joys in this Alaska of Europe, have long remained a well kept secret. Not any more though. Wild Sweden is a labor of love. A book about the crown jewels of nature of this pretty wild and exotic country, and a fountain of inspiration and temptation about how to enjoy them.
  • The World Café

    299,00kr inkl. moms
    Shaping Our Futures Through conversations That Matter
    by Juanita Brown with David Isaacs and the World Café Community Over 50,000 copies sold; translated into nine languages – Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Simple Chinese, Complex Chinese, German, Korean, and Thai!
  • The Change Handbook

    399,00kr inkl. moms
    The Definitive Resource on Today's Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems
    by Peggy Holman, Tom Devane & Steven Cady with over 90 International Contributors Originators and practitioners of such change methods as Future Search, Real Time Strategic Change, Gemba Kaizen, and Open Space Technology outline the distinctive aspects of their approaches, detail roles and responsibilities, share stories illustrating their use, and answer frequently asked questions. A comparative chart allows readers to evaluate the methods to find the one that seems best for them.


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