• A Gift of Reading For You
    Lotten Tegstam Welinder Process Owner Meetings, Ikea: “Meetings are an underrated management tool”
    • Knowledge Is Everywhere
    • Plan the Landscape of Meetings
    • Self Control
    • Meeting Design as an Art
    • Kellerman
  • Fuel Your Mind
    Mats Lindgren, Kairos Future: “Knowledge is the wellspring of thought”
    • Think Before It's Too Late
    • A Myriad of Nuances
    • Warmth, Fur and Hugs
    • Reflection
    • Kellerman
  • Into the Heart of Meetings

    199,00kr inkl. moms
    Basic Principles of Meeting Design
    by Eric de Groot & Mike van der Vijver Into the Heart of Meetings is a book about the essential processes that take place during meetings and how to influence these processes through Meeting Design in order to obtain the best outcomes. Into the Heart of Meetings is the first book ever about Meeting Design, a new profession that has taken shape over the past 10 years but that is still far from mature. The authors introduce the main principles that underlie the profession, as well as the main practical issues that Meeting Designers face and need to solve. As a result, Into the Heart of Meetings is both an explorative study and a textbook. Its enormous number of practical cases puts the content in day-to-day working practice.
  • Meeting Architecture

    299,00kr inkl. moms
    A Manifesto
    by Maarten Vanneste This Award winning book is for those that organize or plan meetings, conferences or events. It is a manifesto for the discipline of Meeting Architecture. It reveals the process and a set of tools for designing better, more effective, high impact meetings, conferences and events.
  • Big Impact in a Small Package
    Jan Sturesson, PwC: “Look beyond the obvious”
    • Hidden Agendas
    • Fragments of a Course of Events
    • The Art of Dramaturgy
    • Outsourced
    • Kellerman
  • Vitamins for Your Mind
    Efva Lilja: “Creating an Active Vision”
    • Neuroeconomics
    • Meetings Revolution Day
    • Spatial Awareness
    • Illusions
    • The Presence of the Unexpected
    • Kellerman
  • Sale!

    The Tweeting Meeting

    199,00kr inkl. moms
    Social Media & Social Networks for Meetings & Events
    by Maarten Vanneste This Book was published for meeting and event organisers that want to improve the use of social media in their projects. Several Authors share their expertise in one chapter and a few cases top everything of. An practical book with loads of idea's to use Social Media for marketing, and expanding the scope, reach and life of a meeting or event.
  • Make Serendipity Work For You
    Nathalie Wlodarczyk: “We are a private intelligence agency without spies”
    • Strategic Intelligence
    • Change
    • Meetings in Cyberspace
    • Facial Expressions
    • Kellerman
  • Slow Down To Do More
    Susan Frei, CTC: “The most crucial issue right now is commodization”
    • All This Talk
    • Medical Development
    • Oxytocin
    • Meetings Broker
    • Sharma
    • Ecosophy
    • Kellerman
  • Stretch Your Brain
    Johan Gorecki: “Create a culture in which change is natural”
    • Thinking Meets Resistance
    • Challenging the Thought
    • Ethnographic Design
    • Be Authentic
    • Sheer Magic
    • Kellerman
    • Patterns
    • Kaiketsu
  • Remember the Simple Power of a Smile
    Christian Mutschlechner: “We must find ourselves on a continuously learning journey”
    • Flow
    • Sharma
    • Soundtrack
    • Integrative Thinking
    • Meetings Consolidation
    • Kellerman
  • Remember the Simple Power of a Smile
    Sebastien Tondeur: “View meetings from a holistic perspective”
    • Anxiety
    • Vision Mission Passion
    • A Brain Check
    • Awareness
    • Sharma
    • We Who Cultivate


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